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Manageing down your Co2 production

By far the most important step in protecting against rising Co2 in the atmosphere is to manage down our Co2 production! Every individual globally has a part to play directly in taking collective responsibility to help address global warming.

At You Generate CIC we want to provide individuals and businesses with the tools to be able to take control of your own Co2 production.

As a result of the energy assessment we would provide you with a tailored list of actions to reduce your C02 output.

In addition You Generate CIC can provide a variety of products and services needed to ensure your property produces less Co2. These could include, insulation, Solar PV, heat pumps and energy storage both thermal and electrical.

All of these things help to bring down your Co2 production and your energy bills. Detailed quotations can be included in your energy assessment on request.


Solar PV with You Generate CIC

Solar Photovoltaic panels produce electricity when in contact with sun light.

Solar PV is seen as ‘Green’ energy because it produces electricity without burning fossil fuels, which releases gases including carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing global warming.

Currently a large proportion of our electricity from the grid is generated using fossil fuels. If you can generate your own using solar PV this will help reduce carbon emissions further and importantly Solar PV will also help reduce your energy bills over time.

Typically, solar panels are designed to last up to 25 years and include a 10-year warranty.

Over time solar PV panels do lose their ability to generate power, this is typically less than 1% a year.

We design our systems to ensure that the payback time is a quick as possible. Typically, without any additional support from central government, this is within 10 to 15 years.

A typical Solar PV install would be completed in a day.

Yes, You Generate will work with our clients to find the best date to install.

Yes, typically the number of solar panels are dictated by your energy usage and your properties ability to hold them. However, we can size your installation to your requirements and you can choose between silver framed panels or all black. Tile integrated Solar PV panels are also available.

No, typically the placement on the panels are dictated by the roof size and orientation to the sun.

Yes, typically we would ask that the property is occupied during the work to allow for access.

Yes, in order to connect the solar PV to your energy supply we would need to isolate the internal wiling, requiring the power to be cut. This would normally last between 20 to 30 mins.

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